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Onda Invernale

Various Artists

Onda Invernale comes as the 2nd Digital VA and an answer to Blazing Waves release April 2018.

This one is a 5-tracks gathering : Carlo, lelù, Tom Jarmey and MarBlu, M.ono hits back on DLG and Le Hutin comes as the local boy.  This 5 tracks drive you amidst winterly feeling.

Not saying cold, it is more something very cosy.  Introducing on the organ-roller 'Niji No Hashikake' is delivered with tons of love and layers-growing-crazy by M.ono.

Second named 'Jazz A Night', some carribean jazz bar piano inspiration and a large dose of evolution towards garageable beats from Le Hutin.

Third is Carlo man hitting with a smooth groover well balanced between deepness and organic presence coated in charming vocals, 'starting tomorrow'.

Forth comes lelù from outer-atlantic for a 90's beat alike, 'Pimp Talk' is just a fine exploration of house referring to hip-hop influences.

Last comes Tom Jarmey with a very personnal softener, featuring MarBlu, where vocals and multiple key layers madly melt into each others.


paru le 1 février 2019

All tracks mastered at Sodasound Released on De La Groove

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