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Liquid Apes

Various Artists

This one time is dedicated to our own artists, and comes as a house oriented - yet not focused - refreshing compilation.

1st comes Pedro De Montélimar, half Thirsty Guys and godamn elegant in his solo composition, with a title throwing us as deep as the sounds of the track itself. 3rd comes Chinau and Larry G (other half of Thirsty Guys) with a nice discoid, instrumentalized and soulful track that can bring you along the year with good mood. 4th comes Vanderkraft with a solid Electronic track filling your head with joyfull chords and rythmic, a track you can hardly refuse to dance on. 5th, last but not least, local hero Knuckle G delivers - yet another - very solid track, ready to break the dancefloor harder than it already is !  


paru le 6 novembre 2020  


Mastered at Sodasound

Released on De La Groove 

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