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Le Semainier


"Le Semainier" is Vanderkraft long awaited debut EP on De La Groove.
A 4 track that units deep house and more math-music approach.
"Lundi Matin" opens up as a smooth ambiant goes deep track, with wide pad and a warm bassline and additions of many synth.
"Mercredi Midi" comes a strong deep house progressive track with a funky background, layered in vocal and a rich atmosphere.
"Vendredi Soir" is an original take of a deeper and more cadence vibe, on a highway halfway from deep house and halfway from melodic-techno kind stuff.
"Samedi Aussi" stands as a breakbeat and fast track, where both garage sounding rhythm/bass and lo-fi instrument or glitches brings us to the deeper side of Vanderkraft
This is "Le Semainier" by Vanderkraft, debut EP on De La Groove.


paru le 19 mars 2020
All tracks written & produced by Adrien Penhouet
Executive production by Adrien Penhouet & Robin Ballaud
Mastering at Sodasound
Released on De La Groove 

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