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Don Carlos

De La Groove 17th Digital Release is all about Don Carlos. The legendary italian producer is coming back on De La Groove for a new digitial EP, a 3-takers of his track Kissin'. Here comes a nice journey around Kissin' 

Its a fine pleasure and a real honor for the label to release an EP with a format we never tried before. 
1st track is the single "Kissin (Club Mix)", an ode to happiness and love, that is meant to shake the vibe for a hint of sun. 2nd version is the Cosmic Mix, a kind of ambiant house goes deep and synth-wave house, where more space is allowed for this awesome vocal alone. 3rd track offers the instrumental version of Kissin' deprived of its massive vocal part, dedicated to our dream-house kind lovers.

paru le 26 mars 2021 

All tracks written and produced by Carlo Troja 
Executive production by Williamn Banthoud & Robin Ballaud 
Mastered at Sodasound 
Released on De La Groove 
Distributed by Above Board

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