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Various Artists

1st track "Piretos" is a direct heat of raw samples, synth and smooth vocals coocked up by Knuckle G.

3rd "Mermaids Chants" purvey a serious bass based (very) soothing track soaking in colorful harmonies, courtesy of Thirsty Guys.

4th "Almost Ready For The Love" from Chinau is the most garagier track, a 2-step beat leaning on a joyful instrumental backed by samples cuts.

5th "Accepte Donc" is a proper soulful track with a bouncy bass-kick ground, B.K's voice laying on top of that.

6th and last comes Vanderkraft's "Songes D'été", kinda outa space and time, this track is an open call to a powerful meditation   Don't get too warm with Dog-Days



paru le 23 août 2019  


Mastered at Sodasound

Released on De La Groove 

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