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Dielli enjoys blending Garage's deep bass with Soulful's strong voices, adding African percussion for a mind-traveling groove. She seamlessly shifts between those electronic music styles, aiming for mixes that evoke joy and fulfillment, much like the '90s House and Afro House beats that resonate with her.


Her childhood was filled with the sounds of jazz bands, the enchanting voices of musicals, and the rock tunes of the '80s. As she grew, she swiftly developed a keen interest in electronic music, and she found herself captivated by the rhythmic beats of House Music.


Dielli frequently plays vinyl records during her gigs. She loves spending hours going through vinyls and digging at her favorite record stores like Betino or A-One in Paris. She's always on the lookout for those hidden gems that will make your soul groove on the dance floor.

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