Now here is our 6 producer crew : B.K Mik, CHinau, Knuckle G, Le Hutin, Thirsty Guys & Vanderkraft

By 2017, the label got launched thanks to a Crowfunding upon the first vinyl release : Late Psalms Vol 1.


It contains 5 tracks of our inner artists + tracks from guestS.

This is how we wanted to be : developing our own troops while keeping ears open to what other artists were capable of.


We are today up to 4 vinyl and 14 release

They also signed on the label 

Art Of TonesBlack LoopsBellaireCarlo , Cody CurrieCOEODas CarmaDemuirGrant NelsoN, Goddard (Loz), Ghetto ChordsHotmood, Joel HolmesM.ono, PontchartrainSebb JuniorScott DiazSuneTom JarmeyToo Many Cars 

They Came Once To Play With us

Crackazat, Eli EscobarFolamour, Xxxy, Don Carlos, Houseum ...

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Because we truly believe music needs to be carefully treated when you instill some love and time in it, we found sodasound studio who is delivering every single mastering session for the sake of our label. Julien Maurel Big Up

Same goes as a shout out to Chat Noir Distribution for caring with distribution / manufacturing

Our Every Release


The label also settled on the Parisian scene. First notable appearance came in August 2017 at Garage, before opening our very first residency at Djoon. We often bring other artists from france and abroad in.

Here comes radio de la groove, a global playlist of our every release that you can find here on soundcloud or on spotify either

Radio De La Groove on Spotify

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