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Self taught DJ & producer, Vinyl and MP3 Deejay, he’s also a studio keyboardist and a MPC aficionado. He composes mainly Dance & electronic music, but you should sometimes find some boom-bap cuts pumping out of his home-studio. 
Assuming a wide influences and eclectic taste, his style cannot easily be defined. He’s sometimes delivering raw and underground stuff, sometimes cheesy vibes, sometimes smooth and groovy ones. A versatility that allows him to nimbly adapt to different ambiances and publics which is evidenced by residences he has been running at Mellotron, or at Djoon & Belleviloise for De La Groove. 

Larry discovered alternative music in the 2000s with Hip Hop. Spending afternoons in his best friend's house listening to a wide selection of US and French rap from the 90s and 2000s. Later, and after a memorable night he spent in southern France.

That led him to discover the late 90s/early 2000s French Touch Era, and finally the beginning of House Music in the 90s, the 80s Funk times, 70s Soul, Disco and Jazz pioneers… 
 Larry G is very proud and to collaborate with artists such as Pedro de Montelimar, Chinau, and Records companies such as De La Groove or Increase the Groove, to name a few.

Larry G
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