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French beatmaker, and Parisian Le Hutin has moved up onto the local Underground House Scene from alongside the foundation of its owned label De La Groove (2017).

Building tracks over major inspirations steaming off soul, groove or jazzy background, he is purveying a not so sampled-house mostly fed with his own music capabilities on istruments

Starting music autonomously aged of 11, it’s only in 2015 that he genuinely fell in love with house music and start recording songs at his Parisian home studio.

In 2021, Le Hutin is releasing its first complete LP. More experienced with composition and production, he engages onto a clear path crossing hardly-on Jazz, Lounge or Soulful organic music and actually recorded materials with an electronics beats approach of processing and sound design.


Resident at Djoon (paris) and La Bellevilloise under De La Groove banner, he has plays along and guested there a massive list of DJ with worldwide regards such as Grant Nelson, Sean McCabe, Crackazat, Folamour, Bellaire, Cody Currie, COEO, Black Loops or Eli Escobar to name but a very few.

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