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Various Artists

It opens up on Knuckle G - Late Night Walk, a smooth lounge goes house track, a loud and soothing ambiance that brings you along with him. A face closes on Chinau - I've Been Doing My Own Thing, a patchworked sample based track conveying some pure and raw joy, a solid deep house take. 

on the other side, Vanderkraft - Ça Pointe embrace a vocal and math-rock approach of house developping throughout the track with an Epic finish. B.K Mik - Since She's Mine follow by with a much cosier approach, from samples to layered synths, this track is coated in smoothness. Nebula's final track Thirsty Guys - Deep Sensations is a confortable outro beared by a slow-yet-groovy bassline and some rich space environment 
Hope you'll like it fresh

Mastered at Sodasound 
Released on De La Groove 

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